Avrupa Konutlari Became the Most Reputable Brand of 2020

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Avrupa Konutlari Became the Most Reputable Brand of 2020

The "Brand Value and Perception Survey 2020", organised by Marketing Turkiye, one of Turkey's leading advertising and media sector publishers, in collaboration with Akademetre Research & Strategic Planning for the seventh year in a row to determine the "Most Reputable Brand of the Year", has been concluded.

As a result of the research conducted in 12 provinces in the real estate category, the public deemed Avrupa Konutlari worthy of the "Most Reputable Brand of 2020" award. Speaking at the award ceremony, Serhan Cetinsaya, Member of the Board of Directors of Artas Insaat, stated that the concept of branded housing was first engraved in the memory of the people of the country with the brand "Avrupa Konutlari". Cetinsaya thanked everyone who contributed to this success and received the award.

Distribution of Duties in Besiktas Board of Directors Engin Baltaci has been appointed as the second president and press spokesperson in the new management of Besiktas. Emre Kocadag and Serhan Cetinsaya will also serve as vice-presidents. The distribution of duties was made in Beşiktaş's new board of directors. The board of directors under the chairmanship of Ahmet Nur Cebi, who was elected at the general assembly held on 29 May and took office on 1 June, held its first meeting on 2 June. According to the statement made by Besiktas, the distribution of duties was made at the board of directors meeting held today. The duties of the board members are as follows:
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