Terms of Use

All rights to the Müvezzi website are owned by Müvezzi ("Company"), and access to the Müvezzi website is via https://muvezzi.com/en URL ("Website"). These Terms of Use set forth the conditions related to the access and use of our Website by users and members.

Individuals and organizations ("User/Member") who visit, use, become members, access, or send content such as comments, information, images, videos, pictures, and photographs to our Website are deemed to have read these Terms of Use in their entirety, fully understood the content, and unconditionally accept and agree to all matters specified on this page, explicitly declaring that they will not raise any objections or defenses related to these matters.

Changes and updates made by the Company to these Terms of Use will take effect immediately upon their publication on our Website. Therefore, it is recommended that Users/Members review these Terms of Use before each visit to our Website and take into account any changes and/or corrections made.

1. The User/Member agrees, declares, and undertakes to provide accurate, truthful, and complete information when requested by the Company regarding the use of our Website; and to comply with any changes to these Terms of Use.

2. The User/Member agrees, declares, and undertakes to use our Website in accordance with all applicable laws, rules related to internet use, these Terms of Use, and the Privacy Policy, and that they are solely legally and criminally responsible for all actions and transactions performed on and through our Website, including accessing all content on our Website.

3. The Company, its subsidiaries, and affiliates, whether directly or indirectly held, as well as its employees and directors, are not liable for any damages that the User/Member may incur during the use of or access to our Website. The Company accepts no responsibility for interruptions, deletions, losses, delays in operations or transmission, computer viruses, communication line failures, system errors; non-accessibility to our Website; theft, destruction or unauthorized access, alteration, or use of records.

4. The User/Member may not share or use any content on our Website that is illegal, could constitute a crime, result in legal prosecution, violate laws or international agreements, encourage such situations, contain threats, be disturbing, insulting, defamatory, obscene, contrary to public morals and generally accepted societal norms, or damage the personal and commercial reputation of the Company and/or third parties, violate the privacy, intellectual and copyright, trademark rights, and other rights of others. Furthermore, the User/Member may not perform any actions that could overload or compromise the security of our Website's infrastructure, or contain a virus or other harmful elements. The financial, legal, criminal, and administrative responsibilities arising from such content and improper use are solely the responsibility of the User/Member who posted the content.

5. The User/Member declares and undertakes not to engage in advertising, promotion, commercial mobile, and interactive applications directly or indirectly on our Website.

6. The User/Member agrees and undertakes not to use the content and data obtained or downloaded from our Website for purposes other than individual use, not to commercialize them, not to transfer them to third parties, and not to store/archive them for use by third parties; in short, not to use them outside the conditions and permissions specified on the site.

7. The User/Member agrees not to access or use the private and confidential programs, files, information, or similar content areas of other users and members without authorization. Otherwise, they are responsible for all legal and criminal liabilities that may arise.

8. The User/Member acknowledges that the Company has the unilateral right, at its sole discretion, not to publish content shared by the User/Member on our Website without stating any reason and to remove such content without any notification if it has been published, and when deemed appropriate, to block the User/Member's access to our Website and/or cancel their rights to use the site. The Company reserves the right to take necessary measures.

9.Our Website may provide links (hyperlinks) that direct to websites, applications, content, and/or files that are owned or operated by third parties and not under the control of our Company, via links provided by our Company. These links are provided solely for reference convenience and do not imply endorsement of the linked website, its content, or its operator. Our Company has no commitment, warranty, or any legal and/or criminal responsibility for the products advertised in the advertisements on our Website, the services and products offered through websites accessed via links within our Website, and their content. The content of the pages of websites accessed through links on our Website and the products sold on these pages, including the delivery of orders placed from these pages, are the sole responsibility of the owners of these websites.

10. The User/Member, while utilizing the services on our Website, can only upload text, comments, messages, signs, photos, videos, etc.; they declare and undertake that all text, comments, messages, signs, photos, videos, etc., that they upload are their own, and that any ideas and thoughts they express are entirely their own personal views and bind only themselves; they will not use any intellectual and artistic work, brand owned by third parties, and will not violate the rights of third parties in any way.

11. The Company legally owns our Website and all its content. The use and accessibility of our Website and/or its content by the User/Member under conditions provided by the Company do not grant the User/Member any intellectual and industrial property rights and/or any ownership or disposition rights.

12. The use of all kinds of intellectual and artistic works, brands, content, information, and materials on our Website is subject to the permission of the Company, primarily within the framework of the provisions of the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works. The User/Member cannot use any intellectual and artistic works, brands, or any information and materials of any nature on our Website without the explicit written permission of the Company. Nothing on our Website content grants the User/Member any right of use or license over the trademarks, distinctive names and marks, logos, and designs, and similar intellectual and industrial property rights of the Company or third parties without the explicit written permission of the Company or the respective third party rights holders. All news, content, information, and other materials found on our Website can only be used with the explicit written permission of the Company and under the conditions permitted by the Company, and cannot be given to, used by, reproduced, uploaded to another computer, mailed, presented, and published by third parties without the prior explicit written permission of the Company. The entire content or a part of the content on our Website cannot be used in any medium without citing the source and obtaining written permission from the Company. The User/Member agrees, declares, and undertakes to comply with and not violate the provisions of the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works, the Industrial Property Law No. 6769, the Turkish Commercial Code, the Turkish Penal Code, and other legislative provisions. Otherwise, the Company reserves the right to recourse against the User/Member for any compensation and/or administrative/judicial fines that the Company has to/had to pay to public institutions and/or third parties due to such violations.

13. The User/Member agrees not to engage in any activities against our Company, other users, members, and third parties using our Website. The Company has no direct and/or indirect, legal, and criminal responsibility for damages incurred or that may be incurred by third parties due to activities conducted by the User/Member contrary to the legislation, these Terms of Use, and the Privacy Policy via/from the Website. The User/Member accepts, declares, and undertakes that if they cause any harm to our Company and/or third parties by acting contrary to the commitments in this clause, all legal-criminal, material-moral responsibilities will belong to them; and in case the Company and/or the respective rights holders face any legal, administrative, or criminal sanction or lawsuit, they will be the sole respondent, and they will compensate all kinds of material and moral, negative-positive damages and/or amounts the Company has to pay to third parties immediately upon the first request, in cash and at once, without the need for a court decision.

14. Turkish Law will be applied in the interpretation, implementation, and resolution of disputes that may arise between the User/Member and the Company under these Terms of Use. The Central (Çağlayan) Courts and Execution Offices of Istanbul are authorized to resolve all disputes arising from these Terms of Use.