Hard Rock Hotel in Spain becomes earthquake relief centre

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Spain, which did not remain unresponsive to the earthquake disaster in Turkey, has been providing assistance since the first day. Especially Hard Rock Hotel in Spain became an aid centre in coordination with the Turkish Embassy. MET-GUN Energy Partner Mehmet Celebi coordinated the aid from Spain.



MET-GUN made announcements on Spanish radio stations calling for help for Turkey. 


CNN covered the news

Spaniards who heard about this and wanted to help came to the hotel building with aid parcels in their hands. In a short time, the hotel was filled with the aids of the Spaniards. The international television channel CNN International also came to the Hard Rock Hotel in Spain and conducted an interview with the hotel staff and the people who provided aid to the earthquake zones.

Met-Gun Energy's Shareholder Mehmet Celebi, who coordinated the aids, connected as a guest to the 'Earthquake Special' broadcast on tv100 screens.

Stating that tens of Spaniards left aid with bicycles and cars, Mehmet Celebi said, "They were all hugging us crying". After the emotional moments, Ece Uner said, "Thank you very much. They were the first to help. This is not a small thing they have done; they have always supported us from the beginning. We cannot thank them enough".


Aids from 50 points

Mehmet Celebi stated that a Spanish philanthropist brought aid by public transport from 50 points. Celebi also stated that Spanish citizens constantly brought food and drinks to the volunteers working for aid in Turkey. Ece Uner thanked the Spanish helpers in Spanish. At the end of the broadcast, Uner could not control her emotions and burst into tears.

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