MET-GUN, Wraps Wounds After Earthquake

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After the earthquake in 10 provinces where tens of thousands of people lost their lives, life-saving and wound healing efforts continue in the rubble. MET- GUN Energy, which sent its personnel to support the work on the morning of the earthquake, continues to work in coordination with AFAD.





Mobilisation was started after the earthquakes, which are described as the disaster of the century due to causing great destruction in 10 provinces. .Many companies from many parts of the world and Turkey rushed to the region for help. One of those companies was MET-GUN Energy. In addition to MET-GUN Energy, Spain was one of the first countries to come to Turkey's rescue and extend a helping hand.


1200 Staff Members in the Field 

Turkey has been mobilised since the first day of the earthquake. Private companies rushed to the field with all their strength in order to heal our wounds to some extent. One of them was MET-GUN Energy Company... MET-GUN Energy is actively working in the region with a thousand 200 personnel and 200 units of construction equipment.




MET-GUN Energy Started Mobilisation

MET-GUN Energy, which has not withheld its support since the first day of the earthquake, sent its employees to the region for aid in order to heal the wounds of the devastating earthquake and to come to the aid of our citizens. More than 50 thousand aid parcels were delivered to the earthquake victims through Gaziantep Construction Sites. WC and mobile shower cabins were dispatched to the region affected by the earthquake. Again, 100 large tents and 10 thousand blankets were delivered to the earthquake zone.



Apart from these, the aids made by MET-GUN Energy to the region are as follows:

50.000+ aid parcels to Elbistan

Hot meals and rations for 25 thousand people daily through Gaziantep Construction Sites

Construction machinery and tools support to Gaziantep, Kahramanmaras, Hatay, Elbistan and Adiyaman

Istanbul Halk Ekmek sent 200 thousand pieces of bread to the earthquake zone

Heaters, stoves and air conditioners to the region

10 thousand pieces of underwear

20 thousand coats and 15 thousand pairs of boots

Container aid

TAG Motorway viaduct and road repairs

Search and rescue operations

In addition, an aid campaign was organised in hotels in Spain. In addition, a field hospital was built together with the Spaniards. Many Spanish citizens sent their coats and jackets, and children sent their toys to Turkey within the scope of these aid efforts. As a matter of fact, the company mobilised the whole of Spain with its calls for help, and the aid collected with the contributions of Mehmet Celebi, a shareholder of MET-GUN Energy, reached Turkey.

5 group companies, namely Eze Insaat A.S., Atis Asfalt, Hard Rock Hotel Madrid, Metgun Energy Yatirimlari A.S. and Park Inn by Radisson, also supported these aid efforts led by MET-GUN Energy.



These mobilisation efforts, which were initiated in order for our citizens to overcome the effects of this disaster we experienced as a country with the least damage, gave hope to hundreds of thousands of disaster victims.



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