The Spaniards built a field hospital! 200 tonnes of aid reached the region with the contributions of MET-GUN Energy

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Millions of people from non-governmental organisations to private companies and rescue teams were mobilised in our country where two major earthquakes centred in Kahramanmaras. MET-GUN Energy, one of those companies, has sent its personnel to the region in coordination with AFAD since the first day of the earthquake. MET-GUN Energy also started a campaign in its hotel in Spain and sent more than 200 tonnes of aid materials. The Spaniards also set up a field hospital in the earthquake zone.

Mobilisation was started following the earthquakes that devastated Turkey. Companies from many parts of the world and Turkey rushed to the field. One of those companies was MET-GUN Energy. In addition to MET-GUN Energy, the Spaniards were one of the first countries to come to the aid of Turkey.


With the contributions of Mehmet Celebi, the shareholder of MET-GUN Energy, 200 tonnes of aid came to the region, while four aid ships from Spain alone reached the region. Famous reporter Gokhan Taskın from tv100 conveyed the words of Mehmet Celebi, the shareholder of MET-GUN Energy. Taskin said that Celebi told that Spaniards sent their women's coats and children's toys to Turkey.




The Spaniards built a field hospital inside the fairgrounds of Iskenderun Technical University. tv100 team got information about the hospital from Roberto, the hospital manager, and visited the hospital.

A team of 82 people arrıved from Spain as a medical team and the hospital will start to serve actively as of tomorrow morning. The hospital, which can serve 200 patients a day, also has an operating room. With this operating room, 17 small-scale and 7 large-scale operations can be performed daily.






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