Turks Connect Kuwait to USA with New Terminal

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The new Kuwait terminal building, which was started to be constructed by Cengiz İnşaat 21 months ago, was completed and handed over to Kuwaiti authorities.

ISTANBUL (AA) - Kuwait's new terminal building, which was started to be constructed 21 months ago by Cengiz İnşaat, a subsidiary of Cengiz Holding, has been completed and handed over to Kuwaiti authorities.

According to a statement released by Cengiz Holding, the Turks removed the obstacle that prevented direct flights to the US as Kuwait's current airport terminal was not in compliance with international standards. Completed for 200 million dollars, the new terminal building is the largest project ever undertaken by Turkish companies in Kuwait.

Cengiz İnşaat, which has been invited to new tenders with the reference of this project, will realize new projects worth 250 million dollars.

Uğur Cengiz, Executive Board Member of Cengiz Holding, stated that after Kuwait International Airport doubled its capacity of 6 million passengers, the Kuwaiti government took action to solve the problem.

Cengiz said:

"Cengiz İnşaat was invited to the tender due to the important projects we have carried out around the world. Since a quality work was expected in a short period of time, we were preferred. We won the tender for 200 million dollars. We are proud to have completed and delivered the airport, which would normally take at least three years, in as little as 21 months. Seeing that the airport was built in such a short time and with high quality, the Kuwaiti government invited our company to new tenders. Among these, Cengiz İnşaat won the entire infrastructure of the city for $160 million and the 50-kilometer highway for $90 million.

Cengiz said that the new terminal, which will have a capacity of 4.5 million passengers, was planned to be 68,000 square meters when it was first designed by Kuwaiti authorities.

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