Cengiz Holding’s “Green Revolution” in Industry Keeps Going in Mardin

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Cengiz Holding’s “Green Revolution” in Industry Keeps Going in Mardin

Having launched a ‘green energy’ era across all industrial plants run by the group, Cengiz Holding has pushed the button for a new solar power plant to meet the electricity needs of its group company Eti Bakır. The plant, which will be built on the premises of Mardin Mazıdağı Metal Recovery and Integrated Fertilizer Plant, will have an installed capacity of 52 MW to meet the power requirement of Eti Bakır Samsun Smelter and Electrolysis Plant.  

Focused on value-added industrial output, Cengiz Holding’s vision toward “green production” continues at full pace across all industrial plants run by the group. With a growth strategy built on renewable resources in the energy sector with a total installed capacity of 4,842 MW so far, the Group keeps investing in renewable resources to meet the power requirements of its industrial plants. Cengiz Holding has now invested in a solar power plant (SPP) in Mardin to meet the electricity needs of Eti Bakır Samsun Smelter and Electrolysis Plant, thus adding another 52 MW to its installed renewable energy capacity with the project scheduled to reach completion early next year. 


Cengiz Holding Energy Group President Ahmet Cengiz stated that after Eti Alüminyum, they have now pushed the button for Eti Bakır’s Samsun plant to have the plant’s energy needs in production met from renewable resources. Pointing out that they aim to get the project completed by the beginning of 2024, Cengiz said, “The Eti Bakır-2 SPP project, an investment specifically launched for Eti Bakır’s Samsun plant, Türkiye’s only smelter that can produce cathode copper from ore, will have an installed capacity of 52 MW. Once commissioned, the project will cover up to 40% of the plant’s production-related power requirement.” 


Stating that they have always been a pioneer among Turkish companies for value-added industrial and mining technologies, Cengiz continued his words as follows: “For the last 5 years, all of our investments have focused on sustainability, and hence, industrial production fueled by renewable energy resources. Renewable resources are at the core of our growth strategy in energy as one of our business lines, with more SPP and WPP investments on the way. We have built SPPs with 500 MW total capacity in various cities across Turkey. Meanwhile, we have kicked off an era aimed at strengthening the industry with renewable resources. One example of these efforts is the Eti-1, Eti-2 and Eti-3 SPPs we built at Eti Alüminyum's Seydişehir plant. Eti Alüminyum, which has reached an installed capacity of 100 MW with these investments, is counting the days for Eti-4 to start power generation. Thanks to both SPPs and Oymapınar Hydroelectric Power Plant, Eti Alüminyum’s production-related power consumption is met from renewable sources in its entirety. Now we are taking this vision one step further with the SPPs we will build in Mardin. This investment is solid proof of the determination and dedication we have to be a pioneer in industrial sustainability.”


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